Ice Hockey World Championship
Saint Petersburg will spend 350 mln rubles on the Hockey Championship

Saint Petersburg has finalized the budget for the 2016 IIHF World Championships. City hall has stated that the city will spend 350 million rubles on the event. The biggest part of the budget will go towards housing teams and delegates. About 68 million rubles is allocated towards this expense. The next biggest expenses are service personnel, volunteer training, catering and logistics.

Russian National Team coaches trip - results

Russian national team's coaches visited several NHL games to check if the players are prepared for the ice hockey championship. Oleg Znarok is currently considering several options in who to chose for the final lineup of the Russian national team. There are several top picks, such as Alexander Ovechkin and Evgenii Kuznetsov, who are unsure if they are able to participate in the IIHF Ice Hockey...

If you bought a ticket, you helped with children's sports

Part of ticket sales proceeds will go towards developing sports activities for children in Russia. Part of revenues will go towards building new stadiums for children, coaches' salaries, and other development.

Mutko and Fasel discussed ticket sales

Rene Fasel and Vilatliy Mutko discussed ticket sales to the 80th IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships during a meeting in Zurich. The head of IIHF has noted that ticket sales aren't going as actively as they could. He has made several recommendations as to how ticket sales could be increased. He did note though, that Russian hockey fans do have a habit of buying tickets closer to the match, ins...

Russian National Hockey Team - A Few Changes

Roman Rotenberg, the Vice President of The Russian Hockey Federation, has notified us of some changes in the federation. Several human resources decisions were made. First of all, Igor Larin, the PR manager was let go, due to his disagreements with management. Andrey Safronov is also expected to be let go.

Second of all, the work ethic and principles of the team will change. From now on, the...