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In 2016 Russia will host the 80th IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and not one self-respecting fan will miss this grand occasion. Using our ticket portal, buying tickets to the World Championship is as easy as it gets. Just imagine that you can be there to support your favorite team and watch the unfolding of events on the ice along with countless other fans from the bleachers. This promises to be one of the brightest days in the lives of hockey fans.

The game Russia – Czech Republic will be breathtaking. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to miss this large-scale hockey celebration and become one of the lucky few that are right in the epicenter of the festivities.

Buy tickets to the Russia – Czech Republic match

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Russia – Czech Republic History

The teams of Russia and the Czech Republic have played each other on the same ice arena since 1993, in different competitions, for 106 games. These teams have a long history, they know each other’s style and increase their mastery of the ice with each meeting. It is especially interesting to watch how the match progress between Russia and the Czech Republic. Statistically, games between Russia and the Czech Republic show the following results:

Victories during main time:

  • Russia – 48, Czech Republic – 35
  • Ties – 6
  • Overtime victories: Russia – 3, Czech Republic – 2
  • Wins in shootouts: Russia – 8, Czech Republic – 4
  • Goals scored: Russia – 285, Czech Republic – 261
  • Biggest win margin: Russia – 6:0, Czech Republic – 7:1


Of course, we hope that Russia will be victorious in the Hockey World Championship of 2016. Let’s support our team together and wish Russia the best of luck in playing the best game.


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